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In October of 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer. 

It was tons of fun. I could not eat, drink or talk for about 6 months. 

You can read my 77 journal entries here

20161130_135025 (1).jpg

Here is the mask they made of my face, which is used to lock one down to the table as that big laser moves around and zaps various locations. I had about 16 or so zaps per 30 minute session. I am not claustrophobic, but I was very scared of having to throw up while being locked in.  I was sure to throw up just outside before walking in to make sure that didn't happen. I threw up about 10-20 times a day, so this was a real concern.


Starting weight was 245 in October 2016. I started taking pics of my weigh-ins a month later at 232


My weight in April 2017. I went to 185 before moving back up, starting in June when I could just barely start eating again. 

They did not cut my hair, nor did this version of chemo make it fall out. It's just burned away from the radiation. These areas on the back of my neck, plus the entire front, which I never need to shave ever again.

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