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Grilling & BBQ are two different things!
  1. Grilling is HOT & FAST

  2. BBQ is LOW & SLOW

  3. BBQ typically (not always) uses smoke to add flavor to the food. This can be done with “hot smoke” or “cold smoke”

  4. One usually needs a dedicated smoker to do proper BBQ. Adding wood chips to your grill is not going to cut it.

  5. Electronic “pellet smokers” are not allowed in KCBS competitions and are considered the same as “easy-bake-oven” toys. Many BBQ snobs will make fun of them and bad-mouth them.  I, however, encourage anything that gets someone into the world of smoking. Although I can't and won't use them, if they work for you and everyone loves your food, then great!

  6. Grilling is fantastic for searing and fast-cooking meats and veggies and pizzas and deep-frying outside. Some meats, however, take more time to break down the connective tissue that makes them easy to eat (tender and juicy) and require TIME. That's where "low & slow" come in. Roasting is an example of this. Smoking is like a long roast, but with the added benefit of imparting extra flavor via the smoke.


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